Instructor Led Training

A course designed to be no longer than 30 minutes, this ILT trainings focuses on training caregivers about developmental readiness for complementary feeding.

The course focuses on balancing presentation with learner centered activities and concluding with a knowledge check. It is the second course in this caregiver training series.

Tools Used: Microsoft PowerPoint

View the various project components:

πŸ–₯️ PowerPoint Slide Deck

πŸ“„ Design Document

πŸ“’ Facilitator's Guide

✏️ Participant's Guide - coming soon!


Instructor Led Trainig

This vILT focuses on how to shift to leading a team remotely. Participants in this course are new to working and managing a remote team. One of their biggest concerns is the feeling of isolation and lack of collaboration with other teams. The goal of this training was to increase manager effectiveness in remote settings to lead to an increase in productivity.

Tools Used: Google Slides, Zoom, Canva

View the various project components:

πŸ–₯️ Collaborative Google Slide

πŸ“’ Participant Workbook

πŸ“„ Flyer

Tips and Tricks for vILT

These are few tips and tricks that I have begun incorporating into vILT programs. They have received positive feedback from the facilitators and participants