Our partnership begins with a meeting discussing your needs. One of the most important and valuable conversations to help determine an appropriate solution. 

Using the information provided, timeline, budget, and other possible items, I'll outline and recommend a training solution that we'll review together and adjust as needed. 

My goal is to help you reach your goals. One of the most important aspects is meeting your targeted delivery dates. Communication and feedback is essential. 

As I begin outlining and creating the content, SMEs and Stakeholders hold a valuable role in provided validation and feedback on the content and materials being created. 

You'll see the design and development process from start to finish through various documents and prototypes. 

Ideally, hand off of the created learning solution is provided to you at least two weeks in advance of your go live date. 

The learning solution will be delivered to you based on our agreement, such as a SCORM package, PDF, etc.